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Self Initiation Journey

Self Initiation Journey


  1. 12 Weeks of Guidance 
  2. Initial Session - Ecosystem Awareness
  3. Second Session - Mindset Awareness 
  4. Astrology Session - Navigating
  5. 7 Shadow Work Sessions - Reflection Based on the Seven Deadly Sins
  6. Endnote Session - Review and Forward Motion 
  7. A Celebration Event with Family and Friends
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Unleash Your Shadows: Reflection

Following the "Know Thyself" Journey, we have created a Self Initiation journey focused on more advanced Shadow Work: Reflection. This journey is not for beginners and requires that you've already done some inner work. We will tackle intermediate and advanced ideas that lead to more profound breakthroughs and realizations. In this journey there will be tons of information to take home that will serve you for years and years. You will learn the methods for doing the inner work yourself, therefore no longer needing an outside healer. By the time you have finished this journey, you will be self initiated.