The seeds of Bliss Fire Reiki were planted long before the entity itself took root. Our founder, Bobbi Moles, embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening over a decade ago, marking the dawn of a transformative era in her life. With a seeker's heart and an explorer's spirit, Bobbi ventured deep into the vast terrains of her inner self, unearthing layers of her existence and blossoming gradually, much like a lotus flower opening to the morning sun. With no guide but the whispers of the Spirit, she navigated her course, unknowingly dancing with the energies of Reiki.

As Bobbi immersed herself in a myriad of therapies, self-healing techniques, and the mysteries of self-hypnosis, she encountered the ancient art of Reiki. A moment of profound realization dawned upon her as she recognized this energy – it was the same force that had been her silent companion throughout her spiritual quest. Drawn towards this universal life energy, she sought the guidance of a Teacher from the Usui tradition, stepping onto the path of attunement and mastery. As a Reiki Master, Bobbi began sharing her healing gift within local Reiki circles, touching lives, and connecting with a vibrant community of healers.

One of Bobbi's earliest clients was Willie Aikens, the former MLB First Baseman for the Carolina Angels. His regular sessions with Bobbi marked a significant chapter in her journey, which eventually led her to relocate to Waco, Texas. In Waco, Bobbi continued her healing work from her apartment, quickly becoming a cherished figure in the local community. Her impact grew, touching more lives and earning her an invitation to Celestial Sisters, a beloved rock shop in Hewitt, Texas. Since January 2023, she has been serving and healing from this location, creating soulful connections along the way.

The mission of Bobbi and Bliss Fire Reiki is simple yet profound – to radiate unconditional love in all directions. We aspire to guide others through their unique journeys of self-discovery, celebrating diversity, and showering love where it's needed most. We stand as beacons of love, helping others navigate their paths toward healing and self-realization. Namaste.