$45 30 min                           Reiki Energetic Healing Clearing attunement

$60 1hr                                  Reiki Energetic Healing w/ Analysis

$33/30min - $66/1hr        Reading - Same day - Walk ins

$100/90min                        Birth Chart Analysis/Tarot translation

$45/30min                          Energetic Analyses/Chakra Alignment

$45/30min $75/1hr           Mediumship Connecting to Spirit

$144/2hrs                            Reiki, Birth-chart analysis, Tarot

$25 30min same day          Mini Reiki Session healing pain & anxiety

$75/1hr                                 Past Life energetic Reiki/hypnosis (attunement)

$144/2hrs                             Couples Sessions - Reiki, Birth-chart, Tarot

$22.22                                    THETA WAVES Healing at a distance

Ask about life changing Group Tarot “Parties” for family, friends & community! Connecting, and healing your ecosystem.

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