Activating your inner navigational gifts!

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy!

Your birthright to the life you desire.

Mission Statement: "Love in the face of adversity" "Know Thyself"

My inner Journey began 10 years ago with a 3 year introspection meditation development through divine intervention. Letting go of everything I had ever known to rise into the new world of "I am"! I have the blessings of four boys, translated into birthing my four mentors, direct spirit guidance leading me through the trials and tribulations of the birthing process. Here is where I found myself. Now leading me on a path to guide others and alleviate suffering on a scale I am unable to translate, as I am merely a vessel at which the energy expresses itself through the raw innocent purity of surrender. I am so excited to meet you and honored to work with you on your journey to an abundant life. I am open and ready to receive that which I am ready to receive!


"Love in the face of adversity". "Know Thyself". I believe in everything, I also believe in nothing. Balance within the walk of truth.

What You Can Expect On Your First Visit

Unconditional love! We will Identify your needs and see where you are on your journey. You will experience Reiki Energetic Healing (Chakra Activation). This is like an energetic spring cleaning, Reiki attunement. After your session you will have more energy, clarity & focus. A deeper understanding of the world you are a part of. Evolutionary Movement of abundance.

-Bobbi Moles

Bliss Fire Reiki